Colorbox School of Art and Multimedia

Explore various methods of object creation and manipulation from creating the basic forms to finely detailed sculptures, fashion designs and jewelry. Understand the interface and workflow and learn how to incorporate software into their artistic endeavors. Every week, students complete assignments specific to their specialized courses. All our courses culminate with a final project requiring students to create a fully-rendered, high-fidelity, accurate design work. A comprehensive final exam is given to assess students' abilities towards the completion of the course.

Certificate and Diploma Courses

2D Animation

Bringing motion to flat graphics, movement added to visuals on a website or mobile app, the artistry of 2D animation is a versatile way to bring life to any project. 2D animation requires a mix of skills, from illustration and graphic design to conceptual skills and knowledge of software. With skilled animation, your game, video, or visual tool becomes an engaging experience to entertain users, sell a product, tell a story, or educate potential clients.

3D sculpting and Animation

Colorbox digital course is a next generation 3D modeling and texturing program that gives users an extreme level of control to create richly detailed digital models, characters and sculptures. Using a pressure-sensitive tablet, students will be taken through the complete process of organic sculpting within this new subdivision surface modeler.They will also learn how to develop product design concepts into virtual prototypes ready for 3 D Printing.

Visual Effects (VFX) course

From roaring monsters to stormy seas … learn the skills of Compositing, Matchmoving, Motion Graphics, Scripting, and Video Editing. Visual effects can combine live-action footage and digital 3D assets to create compelling experiences that entertain, engage, and convince audiences. To create films, television shows, or commercials Colorbox teaches the visual effects techniques to help bring your vision to life.

Digital Web and Graphic Designing

This course covers visual communication concepts and tools and the fundamentals of typography design and layout executed with digital skills.They learn to create curves, lines, and shapes to make objects that can be colored, manipulated, moved, duplicated, scaled, and rotated, generating smooth-lined, clean, scalable graphics or artwork for both print and the Web.Students learn to develop the essential design skills needed to produce graphics for print, advertising, corporate identity, websites and other media to communicate effectively.

Digital Fashion Design

Start designing your own clothing line, fashion collection and manufacturer-ready 3D sketches and patterns at Colorbox. Learn both the conceptual and technical side of fashion design using digital media and design your own fashion collection. Learn digital illustration techniques and industry standard design concepts as you create a mood board, customer story, fabric patterns, and of course your garments and accessories for each look!You can instantaneously edit and drape garments onto 3D forms and virtually replicate fabric textures and physical properties to the last button, fold, and accessory.

Digital Interior and Architecture Design

Students explore 2D & 3D aspect of designing. 2D plan isthe building blocks of advanced 3d elevation or walkthrough. A 2D plan is a blueprint of a building. It contains all the necessary information with specific measurements i.e. required to create a building, mall, fly-over etc. Students digitally represent the space and a surface that is being proposed and learnshow light is reflected bydifferent materials surfaces which are important for architects and critical for interior designers.

Digital Jewelry Design

Jewelry designers can learn to creatively use these 3D CAD technologies along with cutting edge 3D Printing & Rapid prototyping in both plastic and metal within their creative practice.To pick up new skills in designing fashion accessories digitally using the latest technology in 3D rendering, we show you how to create jewelry masterpieces in a digital environment with endless possibilities.