Professional Photography Courses

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Colorbox provides bestprofessional courses in Photography in Jaipur for amateurs and professionals

Our Photography courses are:

  • Basic foundation course in Photography
  • Photography Crash Course
  • Advanced Photography Course
  • Fashion Photography
  • Table Top/ Product Photography
  • Digital Editing Techniques
  • Diploma in Photography Course
  • Diploma in Wedding and Event Photography

Course Modules

The Nature of Light and Color:

Spectrum of light, Colors and their characteristics, attributes, color synthesis and color vision.

Advance Exposure Techniques:

Understanding exposure, built-in exposure meters in SLR and their various patterns such as average, center-weighted and spot reading, Hand held external exposure meters. Exposure bracketing, Incident light reading, grey card reading, understanding of dynamic range, creating HDR

Source of Light and Lighting:

Natural light: Advantages and disadvantages of bright sun light. Controlling contrast by filling in shadows with reflectors and portable flash, Back lighting, silhouettes, Artificial light: Tungsten lighting, flash units, fluorescent lighting etc.Studio Lighting, Studio flash unit and its accessories such as umbrellas, soft boxes, spot grids, snoot etc. Various lighting techniques for portraiture (modeling) and tabletop,incident light reading with flash meters, Lighting ratios

Digital Photo Imaging:

Digital Camera, Image recording systems, memory cards, white balance settings, Digital Photo Editing using software programs like Photoshop, understanding different file formatsRAW, TIFF, JPEG, printing resolution

Close up and Macro Photography:

Various methods of shooting small objects, applications of close-up lenses, macro lenses

Creative Aspect in Photography:

Bokeh, Panorama, Light painting, multiple exposure, time lapse photography

Candid Photography:

Candid photography is all about understanding and capture unplanned moments of someone’s emotions, be it cheerfulness or tears. The skill you’ll want to develop as a photographer is the ability to take notice and observe.

Indoor Photography:

Advanced Exposure techniques: To learn Auto-exposure settings, Auto Exposure Lock, Exposure bracketing and exposure compensations. Spot meter reading, Using White balance shift. Shoot portraits, taking meter reading from camera's built-in meter. Shoot subjects with incident light reading, use of external exposure meter.

How to make YouTube video:

Our training & personal coaching in video making is a very high-value, intensive practical section. The coaching and training given in our training & personal coaching can be immediately put into practice and will help you in video editing, making YouTube videos, Screen Capture videos, PowerPoint videos, Demo Videos, Promo Videos, Talking Head videos, Teaching videos and many more types of videos.